Are you tired of visiting the same sites every day just to find out that nothing has changed? If YES then NewzSpider might be just for you!

NewzSpider is a news aggregator that runs on your computer and downloads headers from your favorite news sites and blogs. It is flexible and very easy to use. NewzSpider supports ALL RSS standards (0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0) as well as the new ATOM format. And the best of all you can try it for FREE for as long as you wish!

RSS  News from NewzSpider:

(Fri, 22 Apr 2005) Contest

Tell us about your experience with NewzSpider and enter to win $100. Write approximately 100 words about yourself, how you use NewzSpider, how often do you refresh you feeds, how many feeds are you subscribed to, why did you choose NewzSpider instead of another aggregator, which features do you like or don’t like, what new features would you like to see in the next version or whatever else related to NewzSpider, RSS feeds, blogs etc. is on your mind. Send your entry to (put “Contest” in the subject line). Selected entries will be published on the website and our favorite one will receive the “big” award.

(Thu, 29 Jul 2004) Version 0.8 BETA

Version 0.8 BETA is out! New features:

  • IE context menu
  • Autostart
  • Bug fixes

    (Sat, 22 May 2004) reached 50 000 feeds.

    The leading RSS and ATOM direcotry has reached 50 000 syndicated feeds. Great job, guys! Link

    (Thu, 29 Apr 2004) "No newz is bad newz." - article in Jerusalem Post

    "NewzSpider is a simple-to-use RSS program that will be your ticket into the efficient and time-saving world of syndicated news feeds." Link (free registration required)

    (Mon, 22 Mar 2004) Review at

    "NewzSpider makes it easy, convenient and fast to follow updates on your favorite sites and blogs." - Heinz Tschabitscher from Link

    (Thu, 18 Mar 2004) Version 0.7 BETA

    Version 0.7 BETA is now available for download. New features include:

  • Experimental ATOM support
  • Integrated web browser
  • Improved user experience

    (Wed, 18 Feb 2004) New build

    There is a new build of version 0.6 BETA from 02/17/2004. "Tip of the day" and "Search" features added and the installation has been improved.

    (Mon, 12 Jan 2004) Version 0.6 BETA

    After a long delay the next beta version is out.

    (Tue, 1 Jul 2003) First public BETA

    The first public BETA of NewzSpider is now available for download.

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